Decrease the Stigma and Social Discrimination that Exists around Addiction

All 4 Ur Addiction LLC supports individuals and their loved ones, recovering from different addictions, such as alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, gambling, sex and love addictions, as well as mental health issues, codependency and any other trauma, by providing relevant and engaging information and resources to keep them connected and encourage them to create and embrace a healthy lifestyle as they recover in the real world.

In our Magazine the individual can find many resources such as, treatment help, detox places, sober houses, counseling centers, yoga and fitness places, recovery supported businesses and many more.

This publication is dedicated to stories, interviews, articles, news, opinion pieces, personal narratives, and science and technology related to addiction and recovery. The goal is to decrease the stigma and social discrimination that exists around addiction.

Stories have been submitted by talented voices in the field of addiction and recovery and the site is open to anyone who wishes to contribute. They would create a private profile and then upload their story. New writers first must get approved by the editorial team and then their content is posted within a few hours. Once approved new stories are automatically posted. The site is monitored at all times to ensure the integrity of the content.

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