Addiction EMP Conference 10/23/2018


As you know, the treatment field is changing, and the misuse, abuse and overdose is continuing to rise. As a result, Behavioral Health Network Resources is convening influencers, experts and decision makers in October to fully understand the crisis, provide vital information on billing, reclaiming lost revenue, Drug rehab SEO, website development, branding, social media marketing techniques and shine a light on other effective solutions. I’d like to personally extend an invitation to you to participate in this event.

Behavioral Health Network Resources is proud to bring our 15th addiction professional conference. This conference will feature 5 Addiction Executive Thought Leader panelists providing vital information on;

  • Substance abuse billing, Are you getting paid in 14-days?

  • Reclaiming lost billing revenue

  • Drug rehab SEO, how to get on page one of Google

  • Website development, It’s hurting you more than you know.

  • Branding, it’s not advertising

  • Social media marketing techniques and strategies

Addiction conferences EMP series, on 10/23/18, check out our 5 executive panelists, exhibitors, and participants.


William McCormick CEO Americlaims Billing

Topic: Substance Abuse Billing, Are You Getting Paid in 14-days?

William McCormick is one of the most known names behavioral healthcare billing. He has been an Executive Thought Leader for over 10 years guiding the most successful organizations in behavioral health.

Mr. McCormick graduated, with honors from Florida Memorial University with a Bachelor of Science in business administration and management. He received his MBA, with honors in healthcare administration from Colorado Technical University.

Americlaims Billing Inc., offers an integrated approach to revenue cycle management. We specialize in billing and collections services for multiple specialties. Our assembled team of experts all share in the common mindset of exceeding our client’s expectations. We work hard to ensure proper and prompt payments are made to clients for the services they render.

Mr. McCormick will be explaining how to get paid by the insurance companies within 14 days and increasing your cash flow.

Charles Davis, CEO, Behavioral Health Network Resources Topic: PPC Why are you fighting for Only 2% of the Click-troughs?

Charles is a national leader by example in drug rehab marketing. He combines industry business and marketing experience as CEO, of Behavioral Health Network Resources, 11 years of experience as an Advertising Executive for the two largest newspapers in South Florida (Sun Sentinel, and Palm Beach Post) selling a targeted audience, and a BS degree in marketing from the University of Buffalo. He has an extensive business and marketing education in the addiction treatment industry by working with the best of the best, and by hosting ethical marketing practices conferences (14 total) that have attracted Senators, District Attorneys, CEO’s, Executives, and proven business leaders in the addiction treatment industry.

His marketing vision has built up one of the nation’s largest addiction professional audiences, and individuals seeking information on addiction treatment. Since entering the industry, he has built an impressive marketing arm with a direct following of over 210,000 on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. His company’s addiction professional email database is over 40,000.Mr. Davis will be educating on Digital Darwinism., 90% of treatment centers fail here. He will be providing the tools and education drug rehab SEO, what you you need to know to get on page one of Google organically and in Google Maps.

Brian Frye, CEO, Magna Technology Topic: Incorrect Website Structure Is Hurting Your Web Marketing More Than You Know

Brian Frye is a well sought-after leader in website structure development with over 15 years of experience in internet marketing, website development, and internet technologies. Brian launched his first web service in 1999 with the development of, a URL shortened/redirection service which turned long website addresses into short, easy-to-remember URLs.

Today, Brian heads Magna Technology, LLC, a website development, maintenance and technology consulting company serving a variety of small and medium-sized business clients.

Magna Technology’s success is attributed to the attention to detail with proper website structure. Magna Technology knows the paramount importance of proper website development that allows Google spiders to properly read and rank a website. A graduate of Boston College’s Carroll School of Management with a degree in Finance and Marketing, Brian combines a passion for computers with a strong background in web development. Brian leverages his skills and education to create unique marketing campaigns that employ insightful and innovative internet technologies.

Jim Peake, CEO Addiction-Rep Topic: Branding, It's Not Advertising

Mr. Peake has been an industry leading rehab marketing expert since 2007. He possesses an in-depth knowledge on rehab lead generation, and is well known across the US. Starting his career in the direct mail industry he put billions of pieces of mail into American homes and then moved to Internet, specifically web design and web development in 1995.He was the catalyst for Kasparov vs. IBM’s Deep Blue Super Computer Chess Event with Ogilvy and a team of MIT engineers. This event put the internet on the front page of every newspaper around the world in one day and officially started the DOT COM boom. In 2007, Jim launched Addiction-Rep, a direct response addiction treatment lead generation agency that only focuses in the drug rehab marketing industry. Jim’s heads a team of 20 well experienced, industry imbedded, professionals. Addiction-Rep is considered to be one of the best in rehab marketing by many experts for branding, web design, web development, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Radio, TV ad production and media buying. Addiction-Rep has specialized focus on SEO, call tracking, Google analytics, branding, and admissions scoring. He is a national thought leader helping rehabs learn where their ad dollars are working, and not working. Jim also consults investors and rehabs in the mergers and acquisitions side of the rehab industry.

Anthony Michael Atkins, CEO Atkins and Affiliates Topic: How to Strategically Use In Network Contracts to Fill Beds and How to Add 20-30% to Your Bottom Line

Anthony has worked in the substance abuse space for almost a decade. Before founding Atkins and Affiliates, he oversaw utilization management and contracting for the largest behavioral health company in the world. While serving in this capacity, he managed the strategic efforts to grow revenue through improving rates and growing length of stay for more than 200 residential programs. Anthony has also worked at a corporate level for many large managed care organizations and has a detailed understanding of pricing models. He uses his advanced subject matter expertise to create comprehensive managed care strategies to drive increases in revenue. Anthony has advanced degrees in both psychology and business management. He has recently made Palm Beach Florida his new home.


If you’d like to recommend someone to attend the event, please email us or call 561-235-6195

We hope to see you there.

Jenny Clark Spades

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