Stay Clean and Sober on Memorial Day

Holidays can be stressful and if you have any struggles, please remember you are never alone. Below are some practical and helpful tips to help you stay clean and sober on Memorial Day.

  1. Plan the day. Plan to spend time with family and friends who are supportive of your recovery. Ask them for support and tell them about your intentions not to use.

  2. Choose carefully the gatherings you attend. You don’t have to attend everything you’re invited to. Only attend the ones where you’ll feel safe and supported. Go with somebody you trust and who knows about your resolve.

  3. Prepare mentally. Think through being in a social situation where other people might be drinking and what you might do and say.

  4. Say NO. If you are offered a drink or drugs simply say “no”. This almost always works, if a person is persistent move away.

  5. Make sure you have an exit strategy. Either drive your own car, or go with someone that will leave when you want to.

  6. Create new traditions to replace your old habits and patterns. Attend ceremonies, celebrations and other events that remind you of those that have given their all for our freedom. Use your imagination, be creative and have fun!

  7. Volunteer your services to a charitable organization. There are many great causes in the community. You will not only be helping others, but yourself!

  8. Avoid H.A.L.T. / H.A.L.T. stands for: Hungry Angry Lonely Tired. If you are hungry, get something to eat. If you are angry, talk to somebody about it. If you are lonely, call someone or go to a meeting. If you are tired, get a good night’s sleep.

  9. Live one day at a time and enjoy your sobriety! Stay in the moment. Be in the now. Enjoy today and celebrate your sobriety!

We are thankful for the opportunity to be a part of your life and recovery. We wish you the best, and honor those who’ve given the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

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