How Do You Recognize A Terrorist?

In recovery, we often hear reference to inner child work but I am wondering how often we address our inner terrorist. Terror simply means assault, harass, strike and do violence.

What if every time we are being unkind to ourselves, we are being a terrorist? Have you ever considered what you are doing to terrorize yourself every day? What if the real terrorist is within, not outside of you? Your emotions and thoughts create your beliefs which ultimately create your reality.

Yes, we have terrorists today in society creating violent behaviors on our planet. Do you think they might be acting out, reflecting back to us our group consciousness beliefs? What do I mean by consciousness? Consciousness is a frequency, an energy, a vibration – the frequency of our emotions and thoughts which equal our beliefs. Beliefs produce energy in motion. The field of quantum physics has helped us to understand that there are different frequencies (vibes) of reality. When we live in the lower vibration of anger, fear, inequality and hatred, we send out terroristic frequencies. However, when we live in the higher vibrations of love and respect for ourselves and others, we contribute to raising consciousness, creating peace for ourselves and others.

Some common ways we terrorize ourselves would be:

  1. Continuing to hang with old using friends who are stuck in their addictions

  2. Remaining in relationships that are not honoring and loving to us

  3. Allowing abusive partners to remain in our “love” lives (unkindness = abuse)

  4. Feeling guilty about our addictions

  5. Judging ourselves as wrong

  6. Not allowing all our feelings to surface

  7. Thinking that we are worthless

  8. Remaining in jobs that do not honor and nurture us

  9. Neglecting to fuel our bodies with the proper nutrients they need

  10. Depriving ourselves of enough sleep

What if you now decided to see, hear and feel what vibration you are choosing to live in? And, the next time you hear, “Terrorist attack,” you might want to look within and see how these words apply to you. Then perhaps, you can clean out the debris and hear your own magnificence.

Jyude Allbright’s intention is to help you find, acknowledge and live your magnificence. She realizes that many have experienced who they are not so they can remember who they truly are – magnificent creators. Jyude’s outrageous books and programs change people’s lives. More information can be found at

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