Take time for yourself

Boy does time fly when you're having fun! Better yet, time is irrelevant when you're 'doing you!' Something to think on: Do squirrels stress over what they need to get done in the day? Do birds worry about getting old? Does the sun emit more or less light depending on how it's feeling? Nope! They're just doing what squirrels, birds, and stars do. Just the same, I believe we (people) can be just as time-less. We eat when we're hungry (and stop when we're full). We sleep when we're tired. We can increasingly flow with the natural unfolding of the moment. Just like children do. We can create and enjoy what we're naturally led to do and love. I find it increasingly easier to do this the more I dive inward to discover the wiring of what's inside this flesh puppet of mine. And boy, what a journey! A journey where time is irrelevant. Because after this flesh grows old and fades, what's inside will live on. Whoa, deep stuff huh? Yeah, the deepest. Challenging? Mmhm, definitely. Fulfilling? Nothing can compare. However, self-discovery isn’t always easy. It takes discipline and relentless practice. There are fun, 'simple' ways to give yourself just a few minutes a day to bring awareness to qualities and virtues that you want to cultivate more of in your life.

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