Reiki-Loving Healing Energy

I fell in love with Reiki in 2007 when I experienced the loving healing energy working in my life. Coming from a place of being guarded and afraid to allow others in my life from past hurts I seen my walls tumble down and my love for Reiki became insurmountable. Wanting to share the miracle of Reiki and allow others to participate in the miraculous healing that I experienced I worked my way from

Reiki practitioner to a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master.

Along my way I was introduced to the power of essential oils, crystals, sound therapy and emotional freedom techniques which I incorporate into my healing sessions. Knowing the importance of ethical practices and my love of spirituality I became certified as an Ordained Minister. My intention is to always bring sacredness, passion and integrity to my practice and to treat and teach those interested in natural healing and to help others discover the magic and healing power of this vibrational energy medicine. I have also been in practice as a therapist for those struggling with substance use and lack of self-love for over 9 years. I hold a bachelors in Science in Human Services and I am a Certified Addictions Professional. I especially enjoy teaching others how to empower themselves to make positive changes in their lives. Changing your outlook can completely change your life and how you perceive yourself, other people, situations, and events and bring you more happiness, peace, and joy and less fear, doubt and suffering. I can help you to make positive changes in your life that will help you experience more joy and peace, such as learning to become self-aware, how to release thoughts that create suffering and to go with the flow, and to unblock and open your energy centers. I can help teach you to reconnect with yourself and your intuition. To trust life and the world again. To develop self-love and respect so don’t have to look outside yourself for those things and can freely offer them to others.

Services include but are not limited to; Reiki healing sessions, Reiki I, II and Master/Teacher classes, Counseling Services

Taking appointments Friday, Saturday and Sundays

Inside the Sunrise City Spa

305 S. 7th Street, Fort Pierce, Florida


Reiki Master /Teacher, Ordained Minister and Certified Addiction Professional with a counseling offering healing to the community.

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