Bridging the Gap Between Withdrawal and Sobriety with Game Changing Tools

Rapid heart rate. Sweating. Shaky hands. Goosebumps. Nausea. Muscle pain. Depression. Anxiety.

At first glance, you might think these are flu symptoms. But they’re actually opiate withdrawal symptoms. In addition to the intense pain of opiate withdrawal, imagine the overwhelming fear of the detoxification process, which can last up to 72 hours.

The agonizing pain associated with withdrawal can be a major deterrent for individuals seeking treatment. It can also be a reason why people stop in the middle of a recovery program. Addressing the fear of pain and the pain itself is crucial for an individual committing to recovery. Conventional rehab centers and the allopathic medical community have offered some solutions, but with a relapse rate of 50-90 percent. One has to ask, “Is this the best solution?”

Did you know there is a device and a vitamin protocol that could help millions of people break free from opiates?

The answer many have been searching for is a combination of the Bridge, a non-invasive device cleared by the FDA to reduce pain, and NeuroGenesisTM therapy containing Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+). These game changing tools offer hope to those who are looking to detox in just ten days with minimal pain.

The Bridge, produced by Innovative Health Solutions, sits discreetly behind the ear. It can be used up to 5 days for long-acting pain relief and eliminates the fear of pain. In fact, it has the ability to alleviate pain from opiate detoxification by 70 percent in 20 minutes, 100 percent reduction in 60 minutes. It almost sounds too good to be true when compared to conventional detoxification and replacement medications.

“I’ve seen significant improvements for clients when they use the Bridge,” said Samantha Raya, a nurse from the NAD Treatment Center, “One client was very restless and he kept moving from his chair to lying down on the floor, and back and forth. Extremely uncomfortable. Once the Bridge was applied, he fell asleep within almost seconds of it being activated. Clients experience significant pain relief, appear more relaxed and are able to tolerate the withdrawal process much better than without it.”

The Bridge and NeurogenesisTM is just a few of the therapeutic services offered at the NAD Treatment Center in San Diego. NAD+ is a vitamin B coenzyme used by every cell in your body and has been used since the 1960s for detoxification from alcohol and opiates. Patients report a significant reduction in cravings, and those who have undergone a 10 day treatment of NAD+ therapy have less than a 10 percent relapse rate. The proprietary NAD Treatment Center Detox MethodTM involves the most advanced technology and treatments out there for substance detox. Clients report a smoother detox process in just 10 days and walk away completely drug free.

When combined with transformational counseling, the Bridge, NAD IV therapy, and Vivitrol, clients have the best opportunity for long term recovery. One of the best parts is most clients don’t experience any drug cravings after treatment. The NAD Treatment Center is giving clients and their families a fresh start, with help from The Bridge.

Know someone who needs a little help recovering from addiction? Contact The NAD Treatment Center for more information at 1-844-NAD-PLUS, or

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