• Life is not worth it

  • I hate myself

  • I have screwed things up too much to be fixed now.

  • Nobody likes me/ I have no real friends

  • Everyone else is doing well but me

  • I wonder if anyone would even miss me

  • Addiction sucks and I will always be stuck into this hell.

  • What would be the best way to kill myself, gun? Jump off a bridge?

  • I am so depressed, it’s never going to get better.

  • What would God do or say to me if I did off myself?

  • Nobody understands the pain I am in, I cannot explain it.

  • Why does all the bad stuff happen to me?

  • Where is God?

  • Nobody in my family loves me anymore anyways.

  • I am useless. Worthless.

  • I have no purpose in my life

  • I am not good at anything.

  • I wonder if a lot of people would come to my funeral.

  • I cannot go on its too painful

  • I wish I could talk to someone, but I am scared they might judge me

These are a partial list of questions that have run through my own mind in the past which prompted me to reach out for help, in several areas. Even with all my education and experience, I still suffered through the same pain and hopelessness that many others do.

The difference in me now, and then is I did have someone who like me had been through the same stuff, and was a professional in the field as well. He was able to lead me to the right resources to get the right help with nobody knowing until I wanted them to know.

Folks, that’s what I am here for today. I am choosing to spend the rest of my career helping people and entire families get through some big hurdles. I can help you its 100% confidential, and I promise will save you thousands of dollars in fancy offices with lots of suits walking around. If you are having any of those thoughts or similar,like I used to, then get in touch with me email or if its urgent call my cell 386-675-7549.

Don’t forget your friends and family who might need help if you don’t. Please share this with your readers if you don’t mind so I can get the word out that death is not the answer. Suicide is not the solution, and addiction does not have to own them.

Peace & Hope

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