America has such an ” epidemic” with this drug and that drug

Day after day we belabor the point that America has such an” epidemic” with this drug and that drug, and this year the other one took the lead.. We never had an epidemic of anything. This country was set up to make people dependent on drugs period. We don’t cure, we treat at best, we kill when treating symptoms. Does anyone else not see that the entire planet is managing by using the natural remedies we already have to CURE, not treat symptoms. There was a conscious decision at some point to make America drug dependent for financial gain, period. If any other country in the world acted as stupidly as we did by allowing drugs to be advertised on television- giving the impression that they work, and allowed their people to be BS’d to death by endless ” clinical studies” that we all know are nothing more than another way to slip a useless drug past the blind cash infested FDA so that another new drug is ready when the new deluge of bogus DSM ” disorders” are introduced every 5 years or whatever- that country would have the exact same ” epidemic” we do. Its called GREED. The USA makes up a tiny 5% of the world, right? Yet we consume 80% of all narcotics and 50% of all prescription drugs around the globe.
We Prescribed Our Own Epidemic..

I encourage you all to read the above- this very short post I put on LinkedIn and just consider what I am saying. We in America were never given a choice for our diseases, natural or prescription. There is good reason for that – Natural Heals! Prescriptions create addicts and lots of cash. Sound wrong? It is. It is straight up truth though. Greed is our epidemic. I will be doing much more on this down the road, but until we the people quit buying into the idea that drug makers are working harder each day to find good medicines to help with symptoms of disease- we will get nowhere. Drug makers NEVER cure disease. They have no intention of doing anything but dragging out our dependency on any and all bogus drugs they can. Even if millions of deaths are the cost.
Meanwhile on the the other sides of the world people get completely healed of cancer and other diseases by the very plants God put in jungles! Healed, not treat symptoms. Just ask Mike Carey our partner and expert in this area. He has been guiding people through total disposal of diseases for 38 years! He is not shocked. We are. The whole wide world does it right and looks out for their people. Not America. Big Pharma fights in court anyone pursuing any natural healing agents. It would dip into their BILLION dollar pockets…
Does that sound too cruel to be real? Yes, it does. Unfortunately, I don’t have another sentence to add here saying it is not true.
Check Mike’s Site For Some Real Life Testimonials Of Healing Done Right..

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