Latest Trends in Recovery

One of the newest trends in recovery is cross-fit. Not only is this a healthy way to relieve our everyday stresses, it is become a way to meet new people with similar interest. Gym memberships in Florida have sky rocketed in the last year. About a 40% increase, and it is thought that recovering addicts make up about 20% of those rising numbers.

With more awareness on the health risks of cigarettes being brought to our attention more and more people are switching to vaping. Some almost find it "addicting" to search for different oils. If you already refrain from using nicotine then I commend you, but for those looking for a healthy alternative to cigs..... Here it is!!!!

War stories are a thing of the past I have noticed recently. How many time you've been to rehab, and how hard your life was, used to be the trend. More and more people are setting a trend of STAYING sober. Spreading the word of inspiration, hope, and guidance. Recovery itself is becoming a TREND!!!

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